Website Content Development, Healthcare Articles,

E-Books, & White Paper Writing Services


Do you need content for your website, blog articles, or white papers to help market your business?

Heka Healthcare Consulting is here for you! Let us handle your healthcare content writing needs.

Your written content should:

  • Be informative

  • Be engaging

  • Be authoritative

  • Demonstrate your company’s expertise

  • Help market your business to prospective customers

  • Contain the right keywords for SEO

  • Reflect your company’s mission & values

We provide research based, healthcare writing services. 

Our Content Development Packages

Website Content:  Prices vary; contact us for a quote.

Blog Articles:  As low as $50.00 per 500-word article or a 4-article package for $195.00

E-Books & White Papers:  $280 per 1,000 words of research + graphic design and layout fees.  Contact us for a quote.  On average white papers are around 2000-5000 words (4-7 pages single-spaced/8-14 double-spaced).

Basic graphs and layout is included with the word count price for white papers.  There is a $340 service fee for end-to-end e-book design.

What is a White Paper and how can it help market my services?

A white paper is an academic style informative document published by healthcare companies to highlight the features of a solution, product, or service. White papers are used to demonstrate expertise, build credibility, and as a marketing tool designed to persuade potential clients to purchase a product or service.  White papers tend to be written three forms:

  1. Background papers that describe the core features and benefits of a product or service.

  2. Numbered list that educates readers by highlighting specific topics about an issue.

  3. Problem/Solution papers discusses a business problem and recommends a solution.

White papers help healthcare companies establish authoritative expertise for marketing their products or services.

E-Books: We provide you with a complete e-book solution to include content development and layout design; there is a $340 project management service fee for healthcare e-book development.  We can also publish your e-book under our banner publishing company, Heka Healthcare Publishing, LLC free of charge.

* Content vetting is required for publication through Heka Healthcare Publishing, LLC   


Will my company own the copyright for all work completed by Heka Healthcare Consulting, LLC?

Yes, all copyrights are retained by the client.

Does your company provide revisions?

We provide one free revision prior to final project completion; we are always willing to correct any mistakes made on our part.  All clients will have access to content throughout the development process to provide feedback, which should limit the need for comprehensive revisions.

We bill clients directly after a free initial consultation and proposal acceptance.

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