How To Avoid Common Healthcare Resume Errors

Is it Possible to Write Healthcare Resumes Without Mistakes?

Healthcare resumes and curriculum vita's act as entry tickets to a job. Today’s world is full of competition. A prospective healthcare employer is in search for a person who is active, productive, and skillful in nature and with a positive attitude. Your healthcare resume should reflect the attitude and details of education, qualification, experience etc. The medical resume should be written with relevance to the particular job. Gone are the days where one resume was used for all the jobs. The medical resume should be attractive enough to catch the attention of the employer among the thousands of resumes. It is important that the healthcare resume should be free from any common mistakes.

Effective Healthcare Resume Writing

  1. An effective healthcare resume should contain basic sections complete:

  2. Powerful contact information

  3. Headline of what is being offered by the employee to the healthcare employer

  4. Summary of skills (highlighting relevant skills will be an added advantage)

  5. Professional experience which has to be relevant

  6. Educational qualifications

An effective resume will be free from grammatical and spelling mistakes. This shows the command over the language. Hence, it is very important to proof-read more than twice to avoid any mistakes in the resume.

Common Mistakes in a Medical Resume

  1. Irrelevant Content: Healthcare resumes with irrelevant content are a common mistake, like the information regarding the children, spouse, hobbies etc and also when applying for a computer job, it is irrelevant to show an experience of a position held as an accountant.

  2. Font Type: When using creative fonts, one has to be very careful. It might be easier to read on the computer of the person writing the resume, but not necessarily it can be readable in the employer’s computer. If the font is not found in the computer it will show bizarre information.

  3. Too Much Information: The resume should not be like a job application, the previous employer’s name, contact information of the previous employer; reasons for leaving the job are irrelevant in the resume.

  4. Too Long: Try to limit your resume to 1-2 pages maximum and focus on the content.

  5. Resume Spamming: When sending medical resumes to multiple healthcare recruiters never send it via one email, as personalized addressing is very important.

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