What is the 10-Second Medical Resume Rule?

Most initial screenings last an average of 10 seconds or less, that's how the rule got its name. This initial screening happens very quickly, whether it is done using a human reviewer or technology. Nearly 75% of all applicants for any position are easily removed in this initial screening process. Did you get that? Within the first 10 seconds of resume review, 75% of all applicants are rejected.

To beat the 10-second resume rule, your resume must be able to quickly convince a reviewer, whether computer or human, in only a few seconds that you meet the position requirements and have the experience they need and are, in fact, the candidate they need to hire. Simple, right?

Resume writing is so challenging for this reason. It is the hardest form of persuasive writing. Why? Because there are few topics more difficult for most people to write about than themselves. That's why many people find better success in bringing in a professional resume writer to help out.

Fix My Resume

Let's set this straight now--there is no simple fix. The screening process counts on the fact that so many resumes don't make the mark. Writing a resume is tough. That's all there is to it. Most people do not like to write. Most people do not like sales. A resume is both - it is a written sales pitch. Take time to carefully review your resume to ensure that it is ATS compliant. If you making a first impression is important to you. Working with a professional career coach may be the key to your success.

Ten seconds is typically all you get to make your spark some interest from a potential employer for any job. These top resume tips should help you fine-tune your resume and achieve better results. To say it again, writing a resume and finding a job is not easy, most especially in a tough economy where an average of over 300 applicants apply for an open position. You have to make yourself stand out-there is no alternative. Use this strategy to make your resume stand out from the crowded field of applicants in those important 10 seconds. Contact us today: https://www.hekaconsulting.com/contact Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/8323199, Original author: David DeFazio

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