No Fluff, Just Facts: What does Your Medical Resume Say About You?

I just finished a project for a great client, who needed a precision resume to demonstrate their skills in Healthcare Administration. This particular resume was no easy feat, but I was able to successfully complete the project. It took me three days of research and revisions to get the right fit, because I believe that we should spend time learning about each client. The research and revisions did not include the time spent creating a custom questionnaire and engaging with the client prior to starting the writing process.

The client now has a resume and cover letter that showcases their strengths and that demonstrates action and results.

I am wishing my client well with their career goals.

Here is the takeaway: The client had a resume that had been professionally written, but the person charged for fluff. The original resume had a beautiful layout, but it didn't portray the clients strengths. Also several of the bullet items were repetitive with fancy language, and this does not equate to the brevity of experience that you may have.

As a hiring manager, if your resume states that you routed paper from the COO, CEO, VP, to the President, despite the fancy language, the bottom line is that you still routed paper work, which a basic administrative skill. The client was much more accomplished than this resume portrayed. As your resume writer, my job is to develop a marketing tool that sells you to your employer without the fluff.

Your resume is a sells pitch: What are you selling?

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