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    Lesson 7:  

    Finish strong:  A Positive Attitude Leaves a Positive, lasting Impression

    Having the right attitude going into the interview process helps you to feel more comfortable and makes a positive impression on employers.  Attitude and body language are all important aspects of making a great impression.  As you will learn in the next lesson, your body language can also leave a lasting impression.


    Healthcare employers are looking for highly-skilled, team-oriented people who possess the ability to think critically and problem-solve.  You should be highly organized and work well under pressure.  Your resume may speak volumes about your qualifications, but your attitude can make or break your chances of landing the job. 

    Your enthusiasm and passion should shine through in your overall persona, the experiences you share, and how you interact with interviewers.  Demonstrate a positive attitude by:


    1. Watching your body language and posture

    2. Minding your manners

    3. Avoiding speaking negatively about former employers

    4. Smiling, but remaining natural

    5. Asking good questions

    6. Sharing relevant personal examples

    7. Appearing relaxed

    8. Being open-minded

    9. Remaining flexible

    10. Actively listening and engaging

    11. Finishing strong


    You were invited to the job interview because on paper, you possessed the skills that the employer wanted.  It is now up to you to close the deal!  Use positive self-talk to boost your confidence,  refocus negative thoughts, and manage stress.

    Use Positive Self-Talk


    You have already done your background research, familiarized yourself with common interview questions, and you understand the various types of interview styles; you possess the ability to quickly adapt to situation.  Be confident in your ability to market your skills to prospective employers and network with healthcare industry professionals. 

    A Lasting Impression

    End your interview, as positively as it started.  You will typically, be asked if you have any questions for the interview panel, and you should be prepared to ask ask 2-3 questions about the position, timeline to hire, and information about the company that you researched.  Avoid controversial topics or asking about the salary during the job interview.    Remember that although the interview is over, it really does not end until you leave the parking lot.  Also, be sure to close the interview by thanking them for their time.  It is recommended that you also send a thank you note to the interviewer within 24 hours of your interview.