Lesson 4: Review Your Resume: Speak to Your Strengths and the Medical Job Description 

Before your medical job interview, you will want to take a secondary look at your resume.  The interview process allows you to translate your resume into a real life, action packed story and to develop an elevator pitch.  You may look great on paper, but you should also be able articulate this to potential employers during an interview. 

Take time to review and memorize key aspects of your healthcare resume and align it with the job description.  You may also prepare answers to the most common types of healthcare interview questions based on the information in your resume.

Review Every Line of Your Resume

Reviewing every line of your resume allows you to reconnect with your achievements, identify strengths & weaknesses, and align your qualifications with the employer’s job description.  

Although you have researched the medical facility, understand the most common type of interview styles, and have reviewed “110 of the Most Commonly Asked Healthcare Interview

Questions,” are you truly prepared?   

If you do not take time to review your resume, then you are not adequately preparing yourself for the interview.  

By reconnecting with your achievements, you can best communicate to the potential healthcare employer how your prior experiences will help you to succeed in the new position.  

In addition, you can construct a savvy elevator pitch style speech for the “tell us a little about yourself” style questions.

The Resume Elevator Pitch

Your resume elevator pitch should be tailored the needs of the employer, based on the job description, your work history, and past accomplishments.  When developing you resume elevator pitch:

  • Establish your career goals

  • Identify the target job

  • Review the job description

  • Summarize your skills, qualifications, and experiences

  • Highlight your achievements

  • Explain what you currently do

  • Remember that your audience is the employer

  • Write it all down

  • Create different versions

  • Practice, practice, practice

  • Communicate confidently

You may end your pitch, by identifying information that you read on the company’s website, and provide an example of you may be to support the company’s mission, values, or strategic goals.

“While reviewing your website, I had an opportunity to learn more about your company’s mission… And, I strongly believe that I would be able to help you achieve this by…..because of my experience with…..”

Speak to Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Reviewing your resume will provide you with an opportunity to identify your strengths and weaknesses.  While much of the focus of this section has been on identifying specific achievements, you need to identify hard and soft skills that the employer may be seeking.  Knowing what your weaknesses are allows you to develop an action plan to improve.  If asked about your weaknesses during the interview, you can explain the healthcare employer precisely what they are asking along with your improvement plan.

Bring Your Resume with You

Finally, bring a copy of your resume with you and inform the employer of any updates.  Additionally, you may also decide to bring a list of questions to ask based on the research that you have done.  Coming to the resume with questions in hand and an updated resume demonstrate your preparedness and initiative.

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