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    Lesson 8:  Why Hire a Healthcare Career Coach?  Your Experienced Accountability Partner 

    As you prepare for your job interview, you may decide to working with a professional may be the best approach to ensure that receive objective feedback and ongoing support.   Maybe you are new to the healthcare industry or transitioning in your career and can use some additional guidance.


    A career coach serves as your marketing and brand consultant.  You already know that you want to work in the healthcare field, but you still need a branding strategy for marketing your skills to potential healthcare employers. 

    Heka Healthcare Consulting, specializes in Career Wellness Coaching.   Career Wellness Coaching (CWC), combines traditional career coaching with wellness coaching, to ensure that clients maintain a balanced lifestyle, while developing their personal brand.  Career Wellness Coaching emphasizes effective work-life balance and stress management as part of developing a strategic career plan. 


    Career Wellness Coaching is an engaging approach to finding your dream career, developing your personal brand, while learning the importance of work-life balance.  For healthcare professionals, Career Wellness Coaching is essential to burnout prevention, which has become an epidemic in the medical community.

    A niche Healthcare Career Wellness Coach will help you to develop a comprehensive strategic career plan.  Additionally, as part of a holistic approach to developing your personal brand, a Career Coach can assist with:


    • Career mapping

    • Identifying target job positions

    • Researching companies

    • Resume development

    • Cover letter design

    • Salary negotiations

    • Career transition support

    • LinkedIn optimization & branding

    • Interview preparation

    • Stress Management

    • Lifestyle Coaching

    A niche Healthcare Career Coach understands the:


    • Healthcare industry

    • Needs of employer’s

    • Impact of burnout

    • Importance of work-life balance

    • Career planning process

    • Best approach to personal branding and marketing 



    When to Hire a Healthcare Career Coach


    If you are considering hiring a Career Wellness Coach, take time to do your research.  Consider the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a Career Wellness Coach who specializes in the medical field.  Take advantage of free consultation services provided by the career coach to learn more about the process, prior to committed. 


    Career coaching typically is purchased as single hourly sessions or bundled sessions of 3.  If you currently searching for a new job, transitioning to the healthcare field, or are ready to move to the next level in your career, a career coach can assist you.


    You may also need a career coach if you are:


    • Dissatisfied with your current career track

    • No longer progressing or feel challenged in your current position

    • Indecisive about your career path

    • Concerned about your current salary and benefits

    • Not receiving solicitations to interviews after applying to multiple positions

    • Uncomfortable during job interviews and networking

    • Feel that you are over/qualified for the positions that you are applying for

    • Overwhelmed with managing the job search and career planning process


    A Career Wellness Coach will help you to improve your personal marketing strategy & brand while supporting you with managing the stress of it all.  Job satisfaction is an important aspect of work-life balance, and you deserve a healthcare career that works for you. There are an abundance of job openings in the medical field, and targeting your job search will help to you to find the position right for you. 


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