Workshops and Training

Heka Academy Healthcare Fundamentals Series (HAHFS):


Our HAHFS courses provide practical skills training that can be immediately applied in the workplace.  True to the "brown bag" approach to training, each of our affordable, interactive webinar and on-site training is a maximum of 60 minutes.  We specialize in the following areas:


  •  Healthcare Customer Service

  •  Healthcare Supervision and Leadership

  •  Healthcare Ethics

  •  Healthcare Reimbursement Cycle Management Basics

  •  Healthcare Financial Management Basics

  •  Healthcare Project Management

  •  Healthcare Change Management

  •  Healthcare Lean Operations Management

  •  Healthcare Quality and Performance Improvement

  •  Healthcare Six Sigma Deployment

  •  Healthcare Kaizen Deployment

  •  Healthcare Diversity Management

  •  Healthcare Supply Chain and Logistics Management

  •  Health and Wellness (a variety of topics)


Heka Health’N Learn Series:


Heka Health’N Learns are a series of wellness-centered workshops that can be delivered to civic groups, non-profits, and businesses for general health education purposes by a Heka Training Facilitator.   The non-modifiable curriculum can also be purchased directly from Heka Healthcare Consulting, LLC for organizations to conduct workshops.  The workshop contents provides facilitators with the flexibility to deliver training workshops that range from 45-90+ minutes.


  • Stress Management

  • Weight Management and Body Image

  • Physical Fitness, Nutrition

  • The Dimensions of Wellness

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse

  • Healthy Aging

  • Environmental Health

  • Psychological Health


Personalized Workshop and Training Development:


Heka Healthcare Consulting, can also develop healthcare industry and wellness presentations based on your organization’s training needs.

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