Frequently Asked Questions:

Webinar and Live Training FAQ:

Is the Heka Healthcare Academy an accredited college?

No, the Heka Healthcare Academy is the training branch of Heka Healthcare Consulting, LLC.  We specialize in providing seminar style, professional development opportunities, refresher courses, and basic skills training for current and aspiring healthcare professionals. 


When will I receive the login information for the webinar?

Login information is provided 48 hours prior to the event for webinar trainings.  You will receive a “token” access code to verify your attendance at the event.


Are we required to take an exam prior to be issued the participation certificate for the Heka Academy Healthcare Fundamentals Seminar (HAHFS) courses?


No, not for the webinar events.  Students are provided with on-going formative assessments throughout the training event to assess knowledge.   This is subject to change in the future as we seek additional industry accreditations.  Students seeking techinician certifications are required to complete an exam.


How quickly will I receive my certificate once the training event is complete?


You will be emailed a printable, digital certificate of participation for the event within 48 hours of completing the training that you can print, email, or share on social media sites to include,


Must I already be employed in the healthcare field to participate in Heka Academy training events?


No.  In fact, we encourage individuals who are new to the healthcare industry to not only take part in our training events but to become a part of the South Florida Heka Healthcare Professional Network (SFHHPN).  The professional learning group (PLG) is designed to learning continuity and provide networking opportunities. 

What information is included on the name of the certificate?

Heka Healthcare Academy, Heka Healthcare Consulting, LLC is listed as the provider of training along with any relevant provider trainer identification information.  the certificate will include your name, title of training course, any designations awarded, the date the training occurred, and the number of professional development contact hours.  For CEU purposes, contact hours are related to the topic outlined in the course title.  Information about the course objectives and verification process is included in your congratuations letter once the certificate is issued.

Does my certificate expire?   


Your certificate does not expire.


What if I no longer have access to my certificate?


Contact us via at, and we will be happy to reissue your certificate.


How can my employer verify my certificate?


Your certificate and individual authorization number is publicly displayed and can easily be verified on our site or  Or your employer can contact us directly at via email at


What if I do not want my certificate information to be publicly displayed?


All certificates are automatically publicly displayed on our verification site.  If you do not want your certificate displayed on the site, simply follow the prompts outlined on the virtual certificate instructions to turn this feature off.  You will be sent a pin # to update your certificate privacy information.  Only you, the certificate holder can turn this function off.  


What do I receive with my training purchase?


You do not need to purchase any additional material.  It is recommended that you bring a notebook and paper to the webinars or live trainings to take notes.  The virtual certificate is included in the price for paid courses. 


How long do I have access to webinar training?


Information for the webinar trainings are no longer accessible after the training.


What can I expect during the training sessions?


We will begin by providing a brief overview of the topics, and then we will immediately move into the training session.  Our training is designed for individuals who are seeking professional development opportunities to enhance their resume.  Our trainings are focused, and are designed to provide you with the basic skills you need to compete in the workforce.  

What is your refund policy?


We do not issue refunds or reschedule events for individuals who no-show; all cancellation requests must be made 48 hours prior to the event (if registering direction through us).  We are not responsible for any technical issues that may occur as a result of your individual status, but we are committed to providing you with a quality experience during our live webinars.  If technical failure does occur as a result of server issues, slow internet connection, bad weather, etc. on behalf of Heka Consulting, LLC, we will reschedule the event and provide all paid participants with a full refund. 


NOTE:  If you registered for one of our courses using a voucher you purchased from another website, you will need to contact that website to request a refund.  That company may have a different refund policy.  Unfortunately we can not assist with refunds for vouchers.


How will the HHAFS certificate and other Heka Academy training help me?

The certificates demonstrate your commitment to life-long learning and actively improving your knowledge.   Adding these trainings to your resume may help you to advance in your career! 

How long will you retain my academic records?


We will permanently store your certificate information in our database for verification purposes.

What is the best way to reach your company?

You can email us anytime at


Do you have a free sample of a course that I can try?

Yes!  We offer a number of free webinar and on-site courses via our training schedule, but a certificate is not included.  

When will the Heka Healthcare Academy technical certification courses become available?


  We will begin offering more live and online certification courses in  2017.  Join our mailing list to stay updated!

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