Ace the Medical interview:  code blue prevention training

Course Overview

Click the link to access the "Ace the Medical Interview:  Code Blue Prevention Training", course overview. 

Lesson 1:

Do Your Research

Do Your Research:  Exploring the Company’s Website & Beyond

Lesson 2:  Types of Interviews

Types of Interviews:  The 10 Most Common Types of Healthcare Job Interviews

Lesson 3:

Common Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions:  Practice Responding to 110 Common Healthcare Interview Questions

Lesson 4:  Review Your Resume

Review Your Resume: Speak to Your Strengths and the Medical Job Description

Lesson 5:  Dress for Success

Dress for Success, Aim to Impress 

Lesson 6:  Your Body Language Says It All

Keep your clients up to date with what’s happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  

Lesson 7:  Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong:  A Positive Attitude Leaves a Positive First Impression

Lesson 8:  Why Hire a Healthcare Career Coach

Why Hire a Healthcare Career Coach?  Your Experienced Accountability Partner

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