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    Ace the Medical Interview Webinar


    In this session of "Zoom In to Your Healthcare Career," Dr. Kristy Taylor, Certified Career Coach will discuss winning strategies to help you ace your medical job interview.  This free interview prep webinar is jammed packed with information to help you succeed! 35-45 minutes, followed-by a 15 min Q/A session.  This webinar is open to healthcare professionals and those interested in working in the healthcare field.


    Participants have the option to schedule a discounted 30-minute resume review and interview prep session. These 30-minute phone or Zoom sessions will consist of:

    1. Thorough pre-session resume critique and 10 minute q/a review.

    2. 20 minute mock interview with feedback and detailed feedback notes provided.

    3. These sessions are not recorded, but a recording can be provided for an additional fee via Zoom.

    4. Those who purchase the session will be provided with a separate link to schedule at their convenience throughout the months of April and May.